LR Product Design creates products with innovative solutions that add value, enhancing the final product above and beyond the client’s original expectations.
Central to the creation of each concept is a full appraisal of the client’s needs and aspirations. Market evaluation also plays a significant part, but it is the creative techniques applied by LR Product Design that give our products lasting market impact.
LR Product Design is also renowned for its ability to create mechanical solutions for challenging concepts with the most efficient use of product parts.


LR Product Design has extensive experience in shaping product identity and design from the very first stages of concept generation through to tooling, manufacturing and production.
LR Product Design is renowned for its strong vision and dynamic concept generation.
LR Product Design is active in product development by supporting the client to explore new directions to develop fresh new concepts.
LR Product Design products range from consumer to industrial and professional, with extensive experience in household product design and toy design.


LR Product Design has considerable experience with all 3D layer manufacturing prototyping methods and techniques including Stereolithography (SLA) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).
Working closely with a range of prototyping firms LR Product Design produces top quality, functioning prototypes to assess and review details in the workings and aesthetics of the product design to get the desired end result.
LR Product Design’s prototyping knowledge ensures the correct material and technique is selected each time to test and assess the technical functionality and appearance of the product.


SolidWorks software is an integral part of product development at LR Product Design. The technical 3D CAD drawings offer three-dimensional insight into the design of each product.
With the CAD files LR Product Design ensures any mechanical detailing has been assessed as well as reviewing additional features like the required drafting and wall thicknesses.
When the engineering files are tooling ready, communication with the factory includes specifying the in-gates, ejector pin placements, splitting lines, material selection, surface texture finish and number of cavities ensuring a high end finished product.


LR Product Design has established its working practice with Europe-based companies and several reliable, high quality manufacturers in China over the course of 15 years.
LR Product Design works hard to ensure a smooth production process and the studio designs products with attention to an easy assembly procedure.
LR Product Design also communicates a packout system – indicating the step-by-step formula for assembly – which maintains high standards throughout production.


LR Product Design delivers product and company branding and rebranding from logo design right through to entire product lines.
Crafting product lines with a strong brand identity is integral to our approach at LR Product Design.
We build brand loyalty with products that are relevant to discerning, savvy consumers.